Gas Turbine Fiber Optic Flame Scanner System

Fiber optic cable transports UV outside to remotely mounted sensor


+ Eliminates liquid cooling (GE)

+ Can replace sensor/electronics with turbine running

+ SIL3 reliability

+ Two year warranty

+ Long life sensor (typically > 10-15 years)


Three components are used:

 1) PROBE   A glass (or quartz) eyeball in a stainless steel fitting

 2) SENSOR / ELECTRONICS BOX is mounted outside of the turbine enclosure

 3) Robust FIBER OPTIC CABLE transports UV/IR from probe to sensor outside

= No components can be damaged by turbine heat

Probes vary by mechanical connection

requirements of each turbine manufacturer.

Contact us for details about your model gas turbine.


We are the OEM supplier to Siemens V-frame and SGT so contact us for replacement parts.


We have retrofit kits for…

GE Frame 5, 6B, 7B, 7EA,7EA/DLN1, 7FA   Details

Alstom GT11N, ABB GT24    Brochure

Mitsubishi 501


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